About Us

Preserving the Sweet Symphony of Italian Life


In our pursuit, we recognize that the heart of Italian life lies in cherished moments—the first shared pizza with friends, the leisurely walks with grandparents accompanied by Gelato, and the obligatory Sunday visits to the town’s pasticceria.

Each experience is a sweet note in the symphony of life, and we, at Realmuto, are honored to be the custodians of these precious memories.

At Realmuto Hospitality Group, our unwavering commitment lies in conserving a rich cultural heritage —a commitment woven into the fabric of our existence.

Our three emblematic brands—Realmuto Alta Pasticceria Italiana, L’Arte del Gelato, and Filaga—are not just names; they are the living memory of the Italy we passionately strive to preserve.

Step into our world, where the essence of Italy is not just a flavor but a narrative—a story told through our iconic brands that encapsulate the very soul of ‘dolce’ living.